Demosthenes Spiropoulos
Iron Chef America: The Drinking Game

It's the world famous Iron Chef America - The Drinking Game. Like its Japanese sibling, it's quick, it's easy, it's fun, but doesn't have that festive dubbing (unless Morimoto is in the battle).

Of course, please play your drinking games responsibly (entertainment purposes only, and all that).

If it is some sort of team battle1 drink
If the challenger is a woman1 drink
If the challenger has/had a show on Food Network or Cooking Channel1 drink
If Alton mentions that the challenger
has been a James Beard Foundation Award winner
1 drink
If the challenger has been on before2 drinks
If the challenger has not been classically trained3 drinks
Iron Chef Selection
If the chosen Iron Chef is Bobby Flay, Mario Batalo or Cat Cora1 drink
If the chosen Iron Chef is Masaharu Morimoto or Michael Symon2 drinks
If the chosen Iron Chef is Jose Garces, Marc Forgione,
Geoffrey Zakarian or Alex Guarnaschelli
3 drinks
When the ingredient is announced1 drink
If the ingredient is seafood1 drink
When the Chairman says "Allez Cuisine"1 drink
If Flay uses blue corn in anything1 drink
If either chef hurts themselves1 drink
If Kevin interviews someone in the audience2 drinks
If Ted Allen is the second floor reporter2 drinks
Anytime Alton asks the chefs a question1 drink
Anytime the time is shown or mentioned1 drink
If someone makes their own pasta1 drink
Anytime a chef pulls a lobster out of nowhere
(and it's not the secret ingredient)
1 drink
If Alton says that said lobster and the secret ingredient make a good pair2 drinks
Each time the ice cream machine or deep fryer is shown1 drink
Anytime the Chairman is shown during the battle1 drink
If the Chairman is eating something during that airtime2 drinks
If Alton gets a sample from the chefs3 drinks
If the challenger has more dishes than the Iron Chef1 drink per additional dish
If one of the judges is Jeffrey Steingarten1 drink
If one of the judges is Ted Allen1 drink
If one of the judges is Marc Ecko1 drink
If a judge says a dish is "outstanding" or "can I have more?"1 drink
If a judge flat out says, "I don't like it"3 drinks
If the Iron Chef wins1 drink
If the challenger wins2 drinks
If the loser loses by 7 points or more1 drink for each point over 7

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