Demosthenes Spiropoulos
Iron Chef: The Drinking Game

It's the world famous Iron Chef - The Drinking Game. You know the story by now, it's quick, it's easy, it's fun, and if everything goes right (or wrong), you'll be blitzed before the 3rd commercial break.

Of course, please play your drinking games responsibly (entertainment purposes only, and all that).

When Kaga says, "If memory serves me right..."1 drink
If the challenger is accompanied by his/her mentor1 drink
If the challenger is not Japanese1 drink
If the challenger is a woman1 drink
If the challenger has their own film crew2 drinks
If the challenger has been on before2 drinks
Iron Chef Selection
If the chosen Iron Chef is IC Japanese or IC French1 drink
If the chosen Iron Chef is IC Chinese or IC Italian2 drinks
When the ingredient is announced1 drink
If the ingredient is seafood1 drink
When Fukai says "Bang the gong, we are on!"1 drink
If flames come out of whatever is on the stove1 drink
Anytime Ota says "Fukui-san!"1 drink
If Ota corrects Fukui-san2 drinks
Anytime a replay is shown2 drinks
Anytime the time is shown or mentioned1 drink
Anytime Doc recognizes some random style of cooking1 drink
Anytime Doc seems baffled by what the chef is doing2 drinks
If someone says something is "rather unusual"2 drinks
Each time the ice cream machine or deep fryer is shown2 drinks
If either chef uses "OK," "all right," or "my best" during post battle interview 1 drink for each occurrence
If the challenger has more dishes than the Iron Chef1 drink per additional dish
If there are only 3 judges1 drink
If a judge says a dish is "outstanding" or "the best I've ever had."1 drink
If a judge flat out says, "I don't like it"3 drinks
If the Iron Chef wins1 drink
If the challenger wins2 drinks
If the final score is shown2 drinks

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