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People I Like

Who are People I Like?
1) I must know you and consider you a friend. At the very least, an acquaintance.
2) You've got your very own website (like a legit .com, .net, .tv, etc)

There are a lot of good people out there, and I figured everyone can use some free love. Let's see who I like.

Jorge Cruzata

Excerpts from his Bio:
Jorge studied Industrial Design at Pasadena Art Center. He also studied at the KCP Language Institute in Tokyo where the Japanese streamlining of architecture and space provided a key point of inspiration. During his stint at Barney's New York, he developed appreciation for avant-garde fashion and it reinterpretation of history from a contemporary vantage point. Cruzata has been singled out for the originality of his design and the focus of his vision.

David Ruiz

Excerpts from his Bio:
David earned his Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Long Beach and his Master's Degree in Sport Administration from Mississippi State University. David graduated from a three year Sports Medicine Internship at UCLA. At UCLA, David learned to be on the cutting-edge of sports medicine and athletic training by working with NCAA Champions, Olympic Athletes, and many future professional athletes who continue to play in professional sports today.

Rhianne Paz Bergado

Excerpts from her Bio:
DO NOT FEED THE DJ (also known as Rhianne Paz) began her career as a DJ at the age of 6 in Strong Beach CA on a Multiplex Karaoke machine, and the rest... is audio alchemy history. Although a beat artisan in the realms of Electro/House, and Hip Hop/Trap, Rhianne is not above lacing her tracks with Dolly Parton samples when the situation arises. She's been rocking casbahs in SoCal since 2001. Her resume includes: The House of Blues, Nokia Live, Urban Decay Content Lab, K-Town Night Market, Long Beach Pride, San Diego Pride, Anime Expo, Dragon Con, and parties that end in police sirens.

Roby Brown

Excerpts from his Bio:
I'm Roby, a writer/director and frequent aloha shirt wearer. I tell stories that are imaginative, smart and fun. I have over fifteen years of creative experience with companies like FOX's "King of The Hill," Walt Disney Feature Animation and various Central Texas ad agencies. I received a degree in Film from Emerson College in Boston (Go Lions).

Matt Walker

Excerpts from his Bio:
Matt Walker is a Los Angeles based stand-up comedian, actor, and self described critic of everything. A veteran of the stand-up circuit since 2003, Matt is best known for winning the 2012 Shorty Award, being declared the best comedian in social media. Get Matt's debut comedy album, "H8R," on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and

Lindsay Rabicoff

Excerpts from her Bio:
Oh, hello there - I'm Lindsay. I'm a contemporary dancer turned attorney and fitness enthusiast. Over the last six years I ran, climbed, stretched, hiked, lifted, swam, and challenged myself in search of the most efficient and fun fitness regiments out there. It hasn't always been easy to find the time to squeeze in fitness, but whether it's fifteen minutes of yoga in my hotel room or an hour of lifting at the gym, I make it a priority to find at least some time each day to commit to my health.

Kevin Gregg

Excerpts from his Bio:
I'm an actor, writer and director living in Los Angeles trying to make a go of it in the business while raising a family, having a great relationship with my wife and handling all the obstacles and opportunities that life throws my way.

Eric Newby

Excerpts from his Bio:
Edmontonian. Ex-Las Vegan. Ex-Vancouverite. Voice actor. Photographer.

Pete Danos

Excerpts from his Bio:
We believe in formulating simple choices. Whether you're digging holes in the garden with your 2-year-old and the dog, ice-racing on a frozen lake in the middle of Minnesota in negative degree weather, or getting ready for that epic date you've been looking forward to for years... we've got you covered! Life is complicated enough, yes? Why add to the chaos.

Anna Papadopoulos

Excerpts from her Bio:
The Nutty Greek Bake Shop is a family owned and operated establishment, and our goal is to deliver a sweet taste of Greece, that has been missing from Ottawa for over a quarter of a century. Our recipes have been passed down through the generations and some have been given a modern twist to keep things interesting.

Georgia Covell

Excerpts from her Bio:
Hellenic Designs is a full service wedding and event planning company. Based in La Canada, California, our company has been coordinating wedding and events in the greater Los Angeles area, Santa Barbara County, Ventura and Orange County for the past 18 years.

Phillip Donnelly

Excerpts from his Bio:
When I first started the page, it was not themed after G.I. Joe; it was basically a website about me (this subject was part of the school assignment). As boring as I am (I'm probably making myself sound worse than I really am), the first website hardly changed at all. No updates, no new content, nothing! I decided I wasn't happy with my website and decided to remake it in my main interest in October 2001. And that, as they say, is how Phil's G.I. Joe Page came to be.

Russell Fung

Excerpts from his Bio:
I'm Russell. Not Ryan. Don't be confused, I have a twin brother. I record stories with my pro camcorder and edit video with Final Cut Pro. I've recorded weddings, hip-hop dance events, dozens of red carpet premieres, and some pop culture conventions. Take me to any event, and I'll give you a piece of history.

Ian Wiant

Excerpts from his Bio:
We are a family owned photography studio located in Orange County California. Make us your family & commercial studio of choice. At i Photography Studio our goal is simple... to create beautiful images.

Arian Franz

Excerpts from her Bio:
Arian Franz is a graphic designer that is brand new to San Francisco. Originally from Southern California, Arian moved to New York in 2012 where she worked in design consulting and started a small soapmaking studio. She recently moved back to California and is eager to meet and collaborate on new creative projects.

Thanks for visiting. Love, Demosthenes Spiropoulos