DMO: The Man

Artist, scientist, designer, architect, fashion mogul, musician, journalist, photographer, television host, radio personality, podcaster, ordained priest... these are just some of the things that can be used to describe Demosthenes, a modern-day renaissance man.

Demosthenes Spiropoulos, better known to people around the world as D-mo, has been delighting friends, family, fans, and strangers for years with a blend of intelligence, eloquence and random humor.

    "D-mo, you're the only one I trust without a script."
    -Rhianne B.

D-mo's entry into entertainment began as host and executive producer of the random radio show on KTST-FM in Los Angeles, California. D-mo delighted local listeners, as well as an international audience who streamed the online simulcast, with his unique mash-up of various musical genres, interviews and comedy. D-mo's television work began at Disney's Cast TV as a studio host and field reporter, and he has also worked for Anime Expo, AX Backstage, and DHP as a presenter and interviewer. His on-camera work, specifically his celebrity interviews, have earned him accolades from his peers and his audience. Currently, D-mo is working as executive producer and host of the award-winning Solid Cat podcast.

    "You have an amazing fashion sense, D-mo. I just wish you'd use it on yourself."
    -Alexandra M.

D-mo's first foray into fashion was during his college career when he was commissioned to redesign the uniforms for a boutique hotel in West Los Angeles. Nowadays, D-mo designs and produces a line of specialty clothing under the DMOUnited brand. Though recent ventures have been successful, the most popular offering has been DMOUnited: The Baby Collection which launched in the spring of 2008, inspired by his daughter, Zoe Crystal Victoria.

    "You know, she told me that you were the funniest person she's worked with."
    -Liz H.

Despite his eccentricities, D-mo remains active in diverse charitable causes. His charitable partner of choice is the National Park Foundation which works to "strengthen the enduring connection between the American people and their national parks."

    "That went perfectly. The only way you could have botched that was if you were an arrogant prick... but even then, that sometimes works for you."
    -Britt H.

Hopefully, this will serve as a primer for life with Demosthenes. But in all honesty, there may not be a simple answer to the question... Who is DMO?

    "You're still weird."
    -Nellie P. Home